1. Remember the number of ski which you rent.In returning process don’t introduce another ski.

2. Unfavourable weather conditions or other obstacelsis not the reason to pay back of the lease rate.

3.Giving equipment to others is prohibited!

4. If your rented equipment is damaged, you will be charged for repair if there is no insurance.

5. In case of loss of rented accessories will be fined according to the table below.


  • a) İn case of rented item lost the insurance is invalid
  • b) İf any part of rented item broked or damaged please submit that part. Otherwise insurance is invalid!


1) Snowboard: 500AZN 2) Snow Shoes: 150AZN 3) Expert: 1100AZN 4)Beginner: 550AZN

5) Boots: 100AZN 6)Helmet: 45AZN 7) Intermediate: 750AZN 8)Poles: 22AZN

9) Junior: 150AZN 10) Wodden Sledge:100 AZN 11)Iron Sledge: 300 AZN 12)Simple Sledge: 45 AZN 

13) Boot: 210 AZN 13)Pant: 90 AZN 15)Jacket: 115 AZN 16)Locer key: 5 AZN

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